About us

PROMONTA is the company of Design and Installation of engineering systems. We have got an International Certificate and the IEC61439 standard is used for production of Power (up to 6300 Amps) and Automation & Control cabinets.

The area of our engineering competence is:

–          Electro and Automation design and installation

–          Building administration, Building services

–          Connection and telecommunication services

–          Electronic equipment and parts

–          Energetics and alternative energetics, Engineering networks

–          Fire safety systems design and installation

–          Freezing and Heating equipment design and installation

–          Indoor security systems design and installation

–          Lighting installation

–          Pipework, wastewater treatment design and installation

–          Ventilation and conditioning design and installation

The portfolio of our Company is:

Power and Process Automation & Control for Kaunas Grain Group (KG Group”). KG Group” in Lithuania is one of the largest company of Crop Production and Flour Products business in Lithuania and foreign countries:

–          Technological process of grain storage elevator automation (project value 700k Eur)

–          Reactive power compensation (600 kVAR) installation

–          Electric substation reconstruction 3000 kW

–          Electric power connection and power-on of grain Shredder (200 kW)

–          Vacuum spray equipment automation

–          Electrical power input installation

–          Grounding and lightning protection installation

–          Grain storage elevator automation

–          Electronic communications, Security and fire alarm installation

–          Crops Drying control automation

–          Dosing line of extruded products automation

Power and Process Automation & Control for shopping and leisure centre “MEGA”. Shopping and leisure centre “MEGA “ is one of the largest shopping centres in Lithuania (72 000 m2) with more than 200 shops and services outlets, 19 restaurants and cafes:

–          Automatic Fire Extinguishing system for area of 55 000 mwas installed

–          Also Fire extinguishing system for the area of 3000 m2 was designed and installed according German standard VdS requirements for Peek & Cloppenburg company in “Mega”. It’s a self-contained, independent of “Mega” shopping centre fire extinguishing system with separate pump and separate automatic control

Power and Process Automation & Control for IKEA Industry in Lithuania (furniture manufacturer):

–          Electrical Power Distribution Box for KUKA robotic packing line installation

–          Process Automation & Control for KUKA robotic packing line installation

–          Electrical insulation, Transient Contact and Earthing resistance measurements

Power and Process Automation & Control for Water and Wastewater Utility companies in Lithuania:

–          Automation and control of Household sewage pumping station of 150 kW

–          Automation and control of Wastewater and Water treatment station of 300 kW

–          Data transmission via GSM network to SCADA system installation

Power distribution for company PLASTA. Company PLASTA is one of the largest polyethylene recycler and plastic products producer in Europe employing more than 500 people:

–          Automatic Transfer Switch Cabinet (ATS Cabinet) installation

–          Introductory distribution box (6300 Amps) installation

–          Reactive power compensation (700 kVAR) installation

–          Electrical Power Distribution Box (total 2000 Amps) installation

–          Busbars installation for power distribution (3200 Amps)